Polywell Brand Page | Polywell by Sangam Plastic Product Catalogue 2022

Tag Line :-Moulding the World (Polywell)

Range off Products offered by Polywell

  • Plastic Dustbin
  • Pedal Dustbin
  • Roller Bins
  • Sharp Containers
  • Wringer trolley
  • Garbage Bags
  • Etc.

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    Contact Details of Polywell

    Sangam Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd.

    110, Satya Bhawan, 36 Community Center , Wazirpur Industrial Area

    New Delhi 110052

    Email :- info@polywell.co.in

    Types of Dustbins Material

    They are mainly manufactured in two materials – Metal & Plastic

    #1)Plastic Dustbin

    Waste containers that are produced from plastic are normally strong and ready to withstand effect and injury. Receptacles that utilization thick plastic will last a ton longer than models produced using more slender plastic.

    Plastic containers additionally have a tendency to be very modest, which is a purpose behind their ubiquity. Thick plastic refuse canisters can be kept in kitchens, rooms, washrooms and in the garden. Nonetheless, there are various reasons why a few people abstain from utilizing this material.

    Plastic degrades after some time and is defenseless to scratches, marks, and splits. A plastic refuse canister loaded with substantial waste can clasp underweight.

    #2)Metal Dustbin

    There are various reasons why individuals pick metal refuse canisters over plastic models. Metal is a solid component that can withstand a great deal of weight, and it requires a solid power to scratch or harm it. Metal canisters are lightweight while looking after quality. Not at all like plastic, metal can deal with high and low temperatures with no kind of physical response.

    One of the fundamental reasons why metal trash receptacles are so well known is this material won’t assimilate scents, paying little respect to what sort of waste is put away in it. A metal container with a top or solid entryway will trap any scents and keep a kitchen free from undesirable odors.

    Metal Dustbin Material


    Aluminum is solid, light and very impervious to rusting. It is a standout amongst the most prevalent metals utilized as a part of receptacle assembling, and aluminum refuse containers are economical. Aluminum refuse containers can be utilized inside and outside


    Cast press is to a great degree solid and strong, and has a long life expectancy. Press is the most normally utilized metal in the assembling of open waste containers, yet these canisters have a defensive covering. Press is vulnerable to rusting and is not appropriate for outside utilize unless it has been dealt with.

    3.Stainless Steel

    Again exceptionally strong with a long life expectancy. Stainless steel has a high imperviousness to erosion and can’t be scratched or buffed effectively. Stainless steel is additionally the most clean metal to utilize, and stainless steel containers are found in healing centers over the world.

    4.Galvanised Steel

    Aroused steel canisters are for the most part purchased for open-air utilize, however, it is conceivable to purchase littler models that can be put away inside. Galvanization is the way toward applying a defensive zinc coat to iron or aluminum, and this coat keeps the hidden metal safe from erosion.

    Metal Dustbins Models

    1)Sensor Bins

    Bin has a built-in sensor that activates when someone approaches.

    2)Pedal Bins

    They are very common in houses across the world. It has a small pedal that opens when you step on it. Removing pressure on the pedal closes the lid of the bin.

    3)Push Top Bin

    Lid must be pressed down to open the bin. It will either retract into the bin or open it out of it.

    4)Open Bin

    As it has no lid so it’s not suitable for storing food waste as it does not stops the smell.

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