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Our Story

I am a Business man in Home & Kitchen category. We are a Distributor, Stockiest, Wholesaler, Retailers & a Small manufacturer.

I Joined this business of my father 7 years ago , I have seen the Development, Ups and Downs in this line of Business. When I joined, majority of the business was done in the most Standard or old way. a customer used to come at the shop ,enquires about the Product, Trust the Shopkeepers and used to Buy the product as per the suggestions of the shopkeeper. It was a cycle that majority of the consumer used to follow.

In these years of my Experience i have seen the way business changed & continuously changing, and one the big factors is the e-commerce Trend. Buying habits of Customers are changing so rapidly that all old fashioned business ways are getting thrashed or out of trend. I

Now a days a customer can enjoy the pleasure of home , compare various brands and products and Shop online

To understand how theconnection.in will help and what we are doing lets first understand the benefits of offline and online Shopping in perspective of the customers.

Major Benefits of offline Buying

Immediate supply of Goods :- Customer gets their products immediately they do not have to wait for 2 to 7 days for getting their products delivered home

Feel of Touch :- Many products are bought by feeling of touch, When you feel the quality of the products and see the shine of the product then only want you want to buy the product

Trust Factory :- A local shop keeper can not cheat to its customer since a customer can always come back and return the product or downgrade the image of the shopkeeper etc. A local Shop keeper has a moral and societal pressure to deliver only the best possible product.

Local buying Increases Social Circle :- When you buys locally the shop keepers & Customer get involved in familiar Relationship,. their Social Circle increases

Bargaining :- I can say about all but a major fun part of shopping for many customers is bargaining.

Major Benefits of Online Buying

Vast Choice :- Online buying definitely provides a vast choice since all brands and products are just available to buy at the click of a button

Price and Amazing Deals :- From time to time online Selling companies provides a huge discounting deals for attracting the customers

Shopping at the comfort of home :- A Customer do not have to Rome around the market and waste its energy and just shop 7 compare the product at the comfort of its home

Now the Big Question how theconnection.in will help ?

We are helping to combine both the benefits of online and offline.

First :- A customer can compare & check out all the brand and all their products and Select the product. A customer will scroll down on the product or brand page and then can find all the sellers of that brand or Product at their local pincode and can directly contact to the sellers free of cost.

We Describe our website as the Brand Specific Sellers Directory, where we bring all the Brands of Home & kitchen category and all their Sellers be it a manufacturer, a Distributor, a Dealer, a Retailer all at one Place.

We Do not Distinguish between the Sellers as per their category and we show all of the sellers with a filter option of pincode.

Customer can Choose with all the benefits of online buying and Directly contact their Local Dealers of the Product or brand and Procure the product with all the benefits of offline buying

Personal Experience

Since I am deep down in the home & kitchen category , I can say majority of the customers want to buy the product offline but due unavailability of local information and who sells the this product offline a customer prefers online So I request all the sellers of this particular category to come on board and register with us FREE of Cost.

For Some Most Important issue if Price :- Again since i am in this category deep down many customer pay a huge upside of the price online , YES its true. the online deals is a SCAM, (Disclaimer:- not every time) but majorly, a simple Product like a Milton bottle can be bought offline with a better discount then offline.

A good Deal comes with lots of Disadvantages over advantages. When a deal comes a sellers receives orders more than he is capable of delivering so she sends the defective previously sold returned products along with fresh ones. Yes you can return the product , but its a quality shopping experience, the hassle of buying then returning with a no guarantee the return goods will be a good quality products.

Description of Our Pages

Home:- “theconnection.in

On this page you will find the link to the Brand Store Pages where you will find the Brand Store products. On every product Page you will find the local sellers of that brand

Next on this pages you will Find Brand Pages links, with this you can view the Brand Catalog, products Contact information

Brand Catalog

On this Page you find a search option where you can find almost all Brand Product catalog in PDF formats, Brand Details, range of products offered by the Brand, Contact Information of the brand and the Brand Product Store.

Trending Products

On this Page we provide latest Products videos, their Description online Links, and their local sellers

Top Choices

Our Creative writers, Our Expert Reviewers write beautiful articles about the Top Choice regarding specific Product categories, home & kitchen Brand Best Buying Guides Etc.

Gift Shop

The Gift Shop , the ultimate Place to buy a gift for your people you love. A gift for every occasion.

Gifting Guides

Again on this page, our Expert write provides well detailed articles about the the Latest fashionable products specially available for gifting category

Deals & Coupons

As we spoke earlier many online Website provides a very special discount during festivals, so we at this page combine every deals relating specially to our home & kitchen category.

Online Shopping is gaining momentum day by day all small medium and large Enterprises are selling their Products online. Basically every thing is now available online and Discounted Deals and Coupons fashion is on the boom.

Different Discount and sales are going live Daily which is hard to keep track so we are trying to update you regarding the Deals , Sales and Discounts at a Single Place

Home & Kitchen Directory

The Most Important Page on our Website, the sellers directory, where we register every Home & Kitchen category Seller be it a Manufacturer, Distributor, Dealers, Wholesaler, Retailer , Company Sales Person, Agents or Affiliate Marketers Free of Cost.

We Require just a few Most Needed information

  • Your Shop Name / Firm Name / Company Name (Name by which you are popular in your City)
  • Category (Name of the Brand a Seller Sells for which they want their customer to reach them)
  • Zip/Post Code /Pincode
  • Address of Your Shop
  • Whatsapp Number
  • Calling Number

Registers Sellers can login and add brand in their Profile update their information

Future Projects

Our current mission is register Brand and sellers so that they can reach to the customer, soon we will be launching a direct buying portal for manufacturers and sellers where a manufacture will be able to sell directly to the shopkeeper in bulk quantity

We are not building a website for home & kitchen category


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