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Home & Kitchen Directory

The Most Important Page on our Website, the sellers directory, where we register every Home & Kitchen category Seller be it a Manufacturer, Distributor, Dealers, Wholesaler, Retailer , Company Sales Person, Agents or Affiliate Marketers Free of Cost.

Gift Store

The Connection

We started this website to bring every thing about Home and Kitchen category in one Place. All Brands, All their products, Every thing Relating to this category like

  • Home & Kitchen Sellers Directory
  • Latest Product Information
  • Latest Video Review of Home and Kitchen products
  • Latest Launched Brands
  • Latest Brand Product Catalogues
  • Latest Brand Dealers in your City
  • Latest Colors and Special
  • Ultimate Shopping experience Relating to this category
  • Gifting Ideas (which is the Best Product in this category to gift as Per Range, Festivals, Functions Etc)
  • Gift Store (The hand Picked gifting items Example Handicrafts, Kitchen Appliances, Hot Pots Etc.)

What we mean by Home & Kitchen Category ?

For Home and Kitchen it means any thing which we use or see in our Day to Day life Style

  • Be it be a Toaster for Breakfast
  • Be it a Air Conditioner
  • Be it a Non Stick Pan
  • Be it a School or office Lunch Box
  • Be it a Kitchen Container
  • Be it a Water Bottle

this List is Endless , and we will try to Cover it as much as possible

Gift Store and Gift Ideas

Our 40 years of Past Experience in Gifting Category states that the Best Gifting Products is the one which comes in use of receiver and that is why every 4 out of 5 Buyers of Gifts Prefers Kitchen Category may it be Appliances, Casserole , Bed Sheet Set, Dinner Sets Etc.

In our Specialized Gift Store we will not only Provide with Hand Picked Gifting Products, we will give the user an option to write their name on the gift as well.

For Example a Doctor wants to gift other doctors a Small token of Appreciation e.g a “Flask”. We will Print the Flask with the Doctors name as per their choice or Placing the Gift in Special gift Box Printed for the Doctor