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Dr’s kitchen a known Brand of

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A Glass of Juice in just Two minutes.

Best Features of Dr. Kitchen Manual Juicer :-

  • Without Electricity
  • Simple Handling
  • Quick Cleaning
  • Complete Hygienic
  • Maintenance Free
  • Mirror Finished Strainer and Funnel
  • Heavy Base
  • Best Quality Powder Coating and Nickle
  • Aluminium Cap
  • Anti Slip Handle With Grip

Available in 3 Colours :-

  • Chrome Finish
  • Classic Black
  • Antique Silver

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Hare Krishna Industries Ambala

Customer Care :- 7082000632

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Features of this Product of dr’s kitchen

  • This juicer is made of superior quality Aluminium
  • It is designed with a sturdy frame and an easy mechanism that will make the preparation easier and user-friendly
  • The handles of this juicer are made of fine quality plastic that ensures a firm grip and will be safe to use.
  • With an easy hand-press mechanism, this juicer can be operated with ease

Question: Does one also get the pulp with the juice?

Answer: Obviously it does if u want thinner juice you need to filter it using a filter.

How to use a manual juicer?

  • By using a manual juicer, you can have fresh juice whenever the mood strikes. Some manual juicers are very hands-on, while others have a mechanism you move to get the job done. We’ve gathered a collection of the best manual juicers to add to your kitchen. . Slice citrus fruits in half and then place them in this squeezer, pulp side down.

Why choose a manual juicer?

  • Why Choose a Manual (a.ka. Hand PressJuicer? There are many advantages to a manual juice press, especially with challenging ingredients. Wheatgrass, for example, often clogs up an electric juicer. You will not experience this with a manual juicer. You can unpick any blockages as you go.

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