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Popular cloth drying equipment

  • Clothes drying racks.
  • Clothes hanger stand.
  • Dress drying stand.
  • Foldable clothes drying rack.
  • Foldable cloth drying stand.
  • Clothes stand for balcony.
  • Hanging clothes drying rack.
  • Laundry stand.

What are the 5 methods of drying?

The most common are sun drying, hot air drying, contact drying, infrared drying, freeze-drying, fluidized bed drying, and dielectric drying.

What are the advantages of using a clothes rack?

Racks are lightweight and are easily adjustable, so can be used to hang shirts one minute and then extended to display dresses the next. They are also very easy to assemble and take apart, and the individual parts can be easily packed away and stored if they are not in use for a while or need to be transported.

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An organized living for everyone, everyday!.


To be the most preferred and trusted brand for providing household solutions with safety and best quality.

From start to finish, Vasnamm is in control throughout the manufacturing process. We manufacture professional grade products built to last for generations.

Vasnamm, a M/s. Tarun Engineers brand is one of the leaders in ladder making, offers a range of household products designed for optimum space utilization in urban households. The portfolio includes Aluminium step ladders, Iron boards, Cloth drying stands and steel shoe racks. From ladders to cloth dryers, Vasnam provides a range of products engineered to give you maximum safety, durability and stability. All Vasnam products meet or exceed applicable standards.

Our products are backed by the state of art design, testing, and life-cycle evaluation. Established in 2005, M/s. TARUN ENGINEERS since its inception has been involved with the metal fabrication processes, catering to the needs of Indian Railways, our main clients being the Rail Coach Factory at Kapurthala & Other Zonal Railways.

Under the able guidance and leadership of Shri. Tarsem Kumar Singla, we diversified into quality household products under the brand name, Vasnamm.

Vasnamm products are built to meet or exceed all ISO standards. Indeed, supplying the safest equipment possible is our top priority. As Vasnamm expands into new markets and product offerings, our number one goal will always be maintaining your trust, earned over generations. Thank you for using Vasnamm products!

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