V-GUARD Water Heaters

Brand Name :- V Guard Category :- Water Heaters

Types of Water Heaters offered by V Guard

  • Instant Heaters
  • Storage Heaters

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Here are the different types of water heaters that are commonly used along with its benefits and uses:

  • Electric Water Heater. This water heating system is fairly popular among Indian households. …
  • Instant Electric Water Heater. …
  • Instant Gas Water Heater. …
  • Heat Pump Water Heater.

Which type of water heater is best?

Since heat pump water heaters draw their heat from the surrounding air instead of working to generate it, they are much more energy efficient. In fact, they can be two to three times as efficient as a standard storage tank water heater

What are the three main types of hot water systems?

Compare The Types Of Hot Water Systems – Which One Should You Choose?

  • Electric. Like a kettle, electric hot water systems heat the water with an element inside the storage tank. …
  • Gas. …
  • Solar. …
  • Heat pump.

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