Philips HD1182 Dry Iron Compare Price online Price:  1050 (as of 25/12/2023 11:44 PST- Details)

Philips is India’s No.1 Steam Iron Brand (Source: Francis Kanoi, Per steam iron category definition. Retail value sales, 2020 data)
GOLDEN SOLEPLATE: Iron is equipped with a Golden soleplate for smooth gliding on all fabrics.
IRON TEMPERATURE READY LIGHT: The iron temperature ready light indicates when the iron is ready to be used.

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Philips Air Purifier will take care of the invisible pollutants and allergens that can sneak into your home. Making sure your indoor air is clean at just the touch of a button and removing up to 99.9% of viruses and aerosols from the air*. Philips 3000 Series Air Purifier with AeraSense & VitaShield IPS to ensure you and your loved ones breathe Healthier Air, always! AeraSense technology gives you reassurance by measuring and displaying real-time indoor air quality (PM 2.5) with professional grade air sensing.VitaShield Intelligent Purification System (IPS) naturally removes 99.97% allergens & ultra-fine particles as small as 0.02 microns (100 TIMES SMALLER THAN PM2.5).

Our Professional Review About PHILIPS Air Purifier Ac3059

  I recently purchased the PHILIPS Air Purifier AC3059 in an attempt to improve the air quality in my home. As someone who suffers from allergies and has a sensitivity to airborne particles, finding an effective air purifier was crucial. After using the AC3059 for several weeks, here’s my realistic review:   Design and Build Quality (4/5): The AC3059 boasts a sleek and modern design that seamlessly blends into any room. Its compact size allows for easy placement, and the touch-sensitive controls on the top panel add a touch of sophistication. The build quality is sturdy, and the device feels durable. However, the glossy finish tends to attract fingerprints, requiring frequent cleaning to maintain its aesthetic appeal.   Performance (4.5/5): In terms of performance, the AC3059 truly excels. Equipped with a HEPA filter and active carbon filter, it effectively removes various particles and pollutants from the air. I noticed a significant reduction in airborne allergens, dust, and odors within a few days of use. The CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) is commendable, making it suitable for rooms of moderate size. The auto-mode feature adjusts the fan speed based on the air quality, ensuring optimal performance.   Noise Level (3.5/5): While the AC3059 is relatively quiet on lower fan settings, the noise level increases noticeably on higher speeds. This may be a concern for those who prioritize a silent operation, especially during nighttime use. However, the sleep mode mitigates the noise to a more tolerable level, making it suitable for bedrooms.   User-Friendly Features (4/5): The device comes with useful features such as a timer function, filter replacement indicator, and a color-coded air quality display. The inclusion of a smartphone app for remote control and monitoring is a convenient addition. However, the app could benefit from more intuitive navigation and additional features for a more comprehensive user experience.   Maintenance (4/5): Maintaining the AC3059 is straightforward. The filter replacement process is simple, and the indicator notifies you when it’s time for a replacement. Regular cleaning of the outer casing is required to prevent dust buildup. The availability of replacement filters and their cost are reasonable compared to other models in the market.   Overall Impressions: The PHILIPS Air Purifier AC3059 is a solid investment for those looking to improve indoor air quality. Its excellent performance, user-friendly features, and modern design make it a compelling choice. While the noise level may be a concern for some, especially on higher fan speeds, the overall benefits outweigh this drawback. With routine maintenance, the AC3059 proves to be a reliable companion in creating a healthier living environment. In conclusion, the PHILIPS Air Purifier AC3059 strikes a balance between performance and design, making it a commendable choice for individuals seeking an effective solution to indoor air pollution.

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