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Brand :- Pratap

Brand Category :- Home and Kitchen

Pratap is one the Recognized manufacturing Brand specially in the line of School Pencil boxes, Compass Boxes & Lunch Boxes

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Pratap Pencil Box & Lunch Boxes Catalogue 2021

Example of Products manufactured By Pratap

  • Pencil Boxes
  • Lunch Boxes
  • Water Bottles..

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Pratap Pencil & Lunch Boxes Catalog

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What are the types of pencil case?

Pencil storage includes cases with zip or hook-tape (like Velcro) closures, rolls/wraps, cases with room for lots of pencils in layers, easel cases, pocket cases and cases that have a space to hold additional things.

How would you describe a pencil box?

a shallow covered box, usually of pasteboard, for holding pencils and crayons: used by children as an item of school equipment.

What is a geometry box?

A geometry box is a set of various instruments required for basic geometric diagrams and graphs. It consists of instruments like a compass, divider, ruler, set squares, and protractor. These instruments are crucial for geometry classes.

Synonyms for Pencil case

  • pencil box. n.
  • case. n.
  • carton. n.
  • bag. n.
  • box. n.
  • canister. n.
  • holder. n.
  • ammo belt.

What are lunch boxes called?

In the United States a lunchbox may also be termed a lunch pail, lunch bucket or lunch tin, either as single words or paired.

Which lunch box is good for health?

Glass and ceramic containers with leak-proof lids are convenient for safety, but stainless steel lunchboxes are the winner when it comes to material. Both types, however, significantly reduce the health and environmental impacts. A clean lunch box is the most safe lunch box too

What is insulated lunch box?

Insulated stainless steel lunch boxes are chemical-free, making them safe for everyday use. Unlike plastic ones, these are BPA-free. BPA is a toxic chemical that leaches into the food through the plastic. It can also cause cancer

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