Lucaris Crystal Brand Glassware & Table Ware Catalogue

Brand :- Lucaris Crystal

Brand Category :- Home and Kitchen

LUCARIS is one the Recognized manufacturing Brand of Glassware and Table Ware products

LUCARIS Glassware is one the Biggest name in the Premium Category Tableware, Glassware and Crockery Products. Every Hotel, Resort, Restaurant always needs Glasses for Wine, Dine, Water, Juice Whisky Etc. and the Top Most Premium Brand in this Category is LUCARIS Glassware

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Lucaris Glassware Catalog

Example of Products manufactured By Lucaris

  • Red Wine Glasses
  • White Wine Glasses
  • Champagne Glasses
  • Bordeux
  • Burgundy
  • Carbernet
  • Chardonnay
  • Shot Glasses
  • Water Glasses
  • Juice Glasses
  • Whisky Glasses

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What crystal is used for glassware?

Glassware can be made from a variety of materials: silica, soda-ash, soda-lime, potash, zinc, lead, barium, and, more recently, titanium

Is crystal safe to drink from?

Therefore, food or beverage consumed from crystal glassware are completely safe! You can safely use your crystal stemware and barware to serve wine, water and other beverage. No liquid stays in the glass long enough during any meal to leach lead that exceeds any EPA standards

Why is glass called crystal?

Image result

The name is derived from the Italian term “Cristallo”, which was used for high-end hand-blown glass in Murano, Italy. Its association with sophistication makes crystal desirable and higher in price than glass.

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