HOP House of Paras Ladder

HOUSE OF PARAS is one of the most reliable cum first choice brands when it comes to Aluminium Ladder and Cloth Drying Stands.

Ever since HOUSE OF PARAS laid down its foundation as manufacturers of Aluminium Ladders and Cloth Drying Stands, it has been committed to serve its esteemed clientele with the most superior quality products with a 100 mark achievement towards quality, safety and satisfaction.

Climbing a HOP Ladder is not only about climbing, it is about Safe Climbing. If it’s a HOP Step it is a
secured and satisfactory Step. Our Quest to find innovative ways for providing utmost satisfaction
to our esteemed patrons, has made us persevere extra step every day towards more and more
research and Development Understanding the solemnity of our growing Patrons’ satisfaction.

Types of Products by HOP

  • Aluminium Domestic Ladder
  • Cloth Stand

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Types of Ladder

  • Ladder Heights and Reach. There are many different types of ladders to choose from to suit your needs, with many homeowners opting for more than one.
  • Step Ladders.
  • Multi-Position Ladders.
  • Straight Ladders.
  • Extension Ladders.
  • Attic Ladders.
  • Step Stools.
  • Fire Escape Ladders.

What is the best material for a ladders?

Fiberglass, while heavier than aluminum ladders, is stronger and more versatile. It makes for a sturdy ladder. As a nonconductive material, fiberglass ladders will serve users well in both electrical and nonelectrical applications

Which step ladder is best Aluminium or steel?

Since steel ladders are heavier than aluminum, it makes sense that they’re more durable. For industrial and commercial use, steel is the best choice because it’s resilient. If your ladder bears the brunt of the job, buy steel.

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