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Expo , Expo Gold Craft Brand made products made up of Brass material. It is one the Best brand in the Category of Brass utensils

Some Examples of Items made by Expo Products

  • Brass Dinner Set
  • Brass Thali Set
  • Brass lemon Set
  • Brass Pooja thali Set
  • Brass Gopal Bhog
  • Brass kadhai
  • Brass Sauce pan
  • Brass Fry Pan
  • Etc.

Why Choose Brass Utensil ?

Since brass is a strong conductor of heat, cooking your food with a Brass utensil will take less time than with other metal utensils. Brass utensils are made up of 70 per cent copper and 30 per cent zinc; the properties of these metals help to improve our health.

Is cooking in Expo brass vessels good for health?

  • Brass utensils are used for cooking non-acidic foods, such as rice and dal. Cooking in brass utensils retains most of the nutrient value of food and this makes cooking in brass vessels good for health. Respective properties of copper and zinc metals are beneficial for health in many ways.

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