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Brand :- Brancley Ladders

Brand Category :- Home and Kitchen

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Brancley Brand Ladder Products Catalogue

Example of Products manufactured By Brancley Brand Ladder

  • Step Ladders
  • Comfy Handle Ladder
  • Heavy Duty Straight Step Ladder
  • Telescopic Ladder
  • Kitchen ladder
  • Cloth Stand
  • Iron Table
  • Etc.

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6 Different Types of Ladders

  • Stepladders. A stepladder is one of the most common ladder types with nearly universal application.
  • Straight Ladders. Also known as single ladders, straight ladders look like one half of a stepladder. …
  • Platform Ladders.
  • Extension Ladders.
  • Trestle Ladders.
  • Multi-Way Ladders.

What is a pole ladder?

Timber Pole Ladders are a popular Scaffold Ladder, but can be used for a number of industrial applications. All Timber Pole Ladders sold by George Roberts are heavy duty and of the highest quality, manufactured to conform to guidelines in the BS 1129 British Standards Manual.

What is extension ladder?

What is an Extension Ladder? Also known as “portable ladders,” extension ladders usually have two sections that operate in brackets or guides allowing for adjustable lengths. Because extension ladders are not self-supporting they require a stable structure that can withstand the intended load.

Which ladder is good for home?

Image result

For the purpose of home DIY use, step ladders that are self-supporting are essentially a preferred choice. These ladders don’t need any support to lean against, have broad multi-steps which are comfortable, and help you to reach higher areas with ease

How do I choose a ladder?

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Four key elements of ladder selection are: Height, Performance, Materials, and Unique Product Solutions.

  1. Height. A common mistake is thinking your ladder will reach higher than it does.
  2. Performance System. Consider job demands and load capacity.
  3. Materials Matter. Choose what’s best for you.
  4. Unique Product Solutions.

How is a ladder measured?

The open height is measured from the floor to the top plastic section when the steps are fully open. The closed height is measured the same but with the step ladders fully closed or in it’s folded position.

What metal are ladders made of?

We’re taking a look today at the different materials that our products are made from – mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium. Mild steel is also known as low carbon steel or plain carbon steel and is the most common form of steel due to its relatively low price.

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